Mindful Self-Compassion


Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) was “the first training program specifically designed to enhance a person’s self-compassion.” Co-created by developmental psychologist Dr. Kristin Neff and clinical psychologist Dr. Christopher Germer, MSC teaches individuals the skills needed to become more compassionate with themselves.


Mindful Self-Compassion is an opportunity to explore how we typically respond to ourselves when difficulties arise. It draws upon the skill of mindfulness and the resource of self-compassion to build inner strength and resilience so we can support ourselves, just as we would a dear friend.  


Over the years, research has shown that learning how to be more compassionate with oneself can have the following impacts:

  • Improve overall health and well-being

  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and stress

  • Allow you to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism

  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Support you in standing up for yourself and your values

  • Transform challenging relationships

  • Manage caregiver fatigue

  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation

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