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Tools for Emotional Resilience
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Reflections from Past Students

I really enjoyed this course. Connecting with the teachers and all the participants for the 8 weeks was lovely. The space we created as a group was safe for sharing and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. I came away with a variety of tools to use and look forward to making them my own. I was sad to have the course end since I enjoyed the self-kindness it promoted each week.

~ 2020 participant

I find myself pausing and taking the time to be kinder and more patient with myself, and that has helped me to feel more connected to what really matters in my life.

~ 2020 participant

I really appreciate the range of practices that are taught in MSC - that there are actions I can take in a matter of moments to be more compassionate, and that there is intentional longer meditation practices built in. The range of options feels so useful and makes ongoing practice seem more accessible.

~ 2019 participant

"I've spent the past 5 weeks training in MSC (with 3 weeks to go) and it has been such a gift.


In this span of time I've softened my inner voice, felt grief I didn't know I was carrying, strengthened my ability to take the space I need, loved on the people I love more deeply, and felt something close to coming home to myself. Lots of tears, lots of laughter... here's to slow learning and becoming a more compassionate mess." 

  ~ Laura 

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