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Short Course in

Mindful Self-Compassion

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The Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion (SC-MSC) was developed by Kristin Neff, PhD, the pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion and Christopher Germer, PhD, a leader in the integration of mindfulness, compassion and psychotherapy. It is an adapted version of the full 8-week course in MSC.


SC-MSC is a 3-week program consisting of 6 bi-weekly classes, 1.5 hours each. It includes short talks, experiential exercises, group discussion, and home practices.

Topics include

  • What is Self-Compassion

  • Practicing Self-Compassion

  • Discovering your Compassionate Voice

  • Self-Compassion and Resilience

  • Self-Compassion and Burnout


Each class is conducted live on Zoom. Full technical support is provided in advance to those who need it.

Dates TBC

If you’d like to be notified of upcoming course dates, please sign up for our quarterly newsletter below.


Preparation + Commitment

  • This program is designed for members of the general public, based on the values of equity, diversity, inclusiveness, and belonging. All are welcome!

  • No previous meditation or mindfulness practice is necessary. 

To get the most out of the experience we ask that you:​

  • Have a laptop, or another device, with good internet connection and audio/video capability.

  • Find a quiet space in your home for each class where you are least likely to be disturbed.

  • Commit to at least 15 minutes a day of home practice (if possible) between classes.

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