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MSC Toolkit

Week One

Welcome to Mindful Self-Compassion

Week Two

Responding to Stress with Self-Compassion

Week Three

Practicing Loving Kindness

  • Affectionate Breathing, by Christine Braehler - Audio

  • The Fly, by Hanjin Song - Video

  • Loving Kindness for a Loved One, by Noriko Harth - Audio

  • Finding Loving Kindness Phrases, by Chris Germer - Audio

  • Feedback Form

Week Four

Motivation + Perfectionism

Week Five

Compassionate Presence

  • Giving and Receiving Compassion, by Kim Levan - Audio

  • What Works for Me? - Handout

Week Six

Self-Compassion + Resilience

  • Soften Soothe Allow, by Chris Germer - Audio

Week Seven

Exploring Challenging Relationships

  • Compassionate Friend, by Kim Levan - Audio

  • Self-Compassion Break in Relationships - Handout

  • Compassion with Equanimity, by Dr. Kristin Neff -Audio

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